Life in Subic

Want the advantages of living in the comforts of a city without the nagging buzz of the common city life’s daily stress and strains? Then Subic Bay is just the perfect place for you!

Located just a few hours away from Manila, Subic Bay offers various activities both for lavish travelers and back packers alike. Subic is known to be a melting pot of different nationalities where everyone could indulge in varieties of food and culture. Enjoy countless duty free shopping, nightlife activities, business opportunities, and a lot more! Subic has a reputation for having one of the country’s most disciplined motorists and pedestrians, the cleanliest tap waters, and the most number of adventure spots all just in one destination.

Subic is indeed is one of the country’s most fun and safe place to stay. We offer not just our famous sunsets, but also the landscape surrounded by the Subic coastline encapsulated with the panoramic view of the lush, green forests. Subic Bay: the perfect fusion of city life and eco-tourism at its best.

Investors in Subic enjoy tax-free incentives; Residents of Forest View Leisure Residences enjoy the privilege of just being here. You are surrounded by leisure at its best!

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